Rebekah @QTC opens up on Anxiety, Blogging and much more🤓: SYS #1

Rebekah Banister from the Questionable Tortoise Couture 🌼

Hola, my dear Joy Squad!👋😄

I very excitedly and enthusiastically welcome you to the first SPEAK YOUR STORY interview 🗣🎉

Today we have with us, the very kind, wise and positive Rebekah Banister from the Questionable Tortoise Couture 🌻She has done really great work on her blog and I assure you it’ll be worth your while🤓

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1) First things first, welcome to Happier You❤! Let’s have a little backstory of Questionable Tortoise Couture, to grow familiar first.

Thank you so much for having me! I am so honored to be featured on your blog. 🙂
The story of Questionable Tortoise Couture begins almost three years ago in August of 2017. I was searching for a creative outlet, and a family friend suggested I start a blog. Originally intended to be a fashion site, QTC quickly morphed into more of a lifestyle blog with a mission to spread positivity and happy vibes.My blog is a place where people can share their thoughts, worries, and ideas without the fear of being judged.

2) Can you please tell us about your struggles with anxiety and how you overcame it? 

My struggles with anxiety began when I first entered high school, and were mostly related to the fear of quizzes, being judged, and letting people down. 
Anxiety is awful. To me, it’s the constant feeling of “what if”. “What if I fail this exam?, and “what if they don’t like me?” are some of the constant thoughts that flood my head on a daily basis. 
It is true that we all experience anxiety, but for some it can be worse. The feeling of anxiousness can often bring on panic attacks.Coming from a family that deals with anxiety is helpful. Having someone around to calm you down because they actually understand what you’re feeling is such a blessing. 
If you deal with anxiety, I want you to know that you will be okay. There’s absolutely no shame in seeking help, and you’re sure to find someone that understands how you’re feeling. 

3) What difference do you observe in yourself after blogging happened vs before it started? 

Confidence for sure! I am so much more confident after having been blogging for a while. 

4) What does happiness mean to you? 

I believe that happiness comes from within. It can’t be found in clothing, people, or social media. In order to experience true happiness, you need to first love yourself.

5) Kindly share a piece of advice you’d like to give to the new bloggers? Something you wish you had known earlier as a blogger. 

My #1 advice for bloggers is to take it slow. The readers will come to you. Also engage with other bloggers like you! Don’t be afraid to comment on someone’s blog post, and be sure to include a link to your blog 😉

6) Time to lighten things up a little. Here’s a quick This Or That:

  • City or Beach 🌇🌊☀
  • Cat or Dog 🐶
  • Adventure or Comfort 🏃
  • Books or Movies 🎬📚
  • Pizza or Pasta 🍕🍴
  • Disney or Marvel🌟
  • Happiness or…More happiness;) 😂
  • Beaches for sure!
  • Dog (I have a cat, unfortunately)
  • Comfort! I loooove to be comfortable.
  • Books! I adore reading!
  • Pizza! Great, now I’m hungry. 😂
  • Disney! I just watched Onward for the first time last night and cried like a baby.
  • More happiness!!

7) What’s the most valuable lesson life has taught you that you’d like to share?

I have learned many lessons in my sixteen years on this earth, but I have to say that the most valuable one is that not everyone can be your friend. At one point or another, we all have to let go of friendships. It’s just the way of life, and it’s okay. Unhealthy friendships are not the way to go.

Thank you again! It has been so lovely to be here on the blog. 💓💓

Thank you for pouring your heart out with utmost honesty for this interview and speaking your story boldly and beautifully! We are obliged to have had you on Happier You❤.🤩🌷

Hope you all enjoyed this interview. 🎤🗣💙

Comment down below if you already follow QTC and what’s your preference between Adventure or Comfort ⬇🤔

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Stay strong, safe and sane! 🌈🌺

Yours truly, 💕

The Ink Warrior

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