Gratitude, Faith and Oneness: Lessons learnt from Quarantine!+ ZOOM PARTY!💫💛

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain ☔ .”

Aloha amigos! 👋😄

Hope you all are doing well and keeping safe amid the insanity our world is gripped by. Quarantine has put a lot in perspective for me. A lot of introspection and brainstorming came along with the social distancing. Here you go:


Coincidentally, I had mentioned this same lesson in my Lessons from 2019 post, but, I never really knew it’s complete meaning until this crisis. What were those so-called “little things”?
~ Going out and getting ice cream!🍦
~ Meeting friends everyday! 💜
~ Having a work space with that    much needed professional  environment! 🤓
~ Those little weekend getaways!🚗
And, so much more!
Human ignorance overcomes the joy of these things and this time reiterated the lesson in my mind. I can see so many reasons to be happy and so many things to be grateful for.😌


The belief that man has mastered nature was such an egomaniacal myth. We claimed possession over extraterrestrial property, over those planets light years away, over everything we discovered and more. The truth is that the wrath of nature cannot be inhibited by human intelligence.
There is a power greater than the mortals that will keep reminding them of their limits and duties. We were made to co-exist, in harmony and not devastate and exploit animals and environment for our greeds! Hope we can hear this stern warning.⚠


Amid the suspicions of the Third World War, nature brought us all on the same page. The whole of mankind, is directly or indirectly affected by this crisis, battling against a microscopic invisible enemy.
Hunger, poverty,suffering, disease, death and a will power to live binds us together. It’s far beyond the boundaries of land, religion and race. We are all in it, together!
Hopefully, we will come out of this soon, as a better civilization that learnt the essential lessons!😇


Even though we deviated from our path of duty and behaved unjustly, let’s not feel embittered or cynical because we did lose hold of our humanity, but, the innate goodness is born with us. We only need to revive it. There are still people working for public good, aiding animals and battling bravely against the virus– Our front line warriors: doctors, medics, police officers,etc. Let’s do our part by staying home and keeping safe, respect our Corona warriors and send prayers to everyone around the globe! 🌎💙

Zoom Party with Bloggers: Inviting all Positive Bloggers! 🤗

So, a few days ago, I hosted a small zoom party with Jirah, Rebekah and Saania. And it was such a fun experience! S/O to them for the kindness and sweetness!☺
I received a very positive feedback from them and so, WE ARE DOING IT AGAIN! ON A BIGGER LEVEL!
And hereby, I invite you to join the chitchat, laughter and fun!

Click here to email me for the details of the Zoom Party!

Hope that you people could resonate with my rumble!😊🧡

How has the virus induced crisis changed your life? Share the lessons you have learnt from all this in the comments! ⬇💬

Yours truly, 💕
The Ink Warrior.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude, Faith and Oneness: Lessons learnt from Quarantine!+ ZOOM PARTY!💫💛

  1. The pandemic has given me the time to slow down and appreciate everything on a deeper level! To be able to spend more quality time with my family! To pursue my interests and delight in them without the normal stressors! I choose to look at the positives instead of dwell on that which I cannot control! God is in charge and in that I will have faith 🙏🏻❤️ Kindly, Tanya

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    1. Wow! I’m beyond ecstatic to know how you are looking at the bright side of the chaos. Thank you so much for sharing your lessons, it means a lot to me.☺💫
      Stay safe and blessed!💜

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