Floating through Despair: Negative Emotions♾

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Halloa, my people!

Hopefully, you all are keeping safe and doing well. It is no secret that we are all living in crazy times, which unfortunately, makes us more vulnerable to anxiety, despair and pressing thoughts. To be honest, keeping up with the abrupt changes is but a herculean labour.

For the past few days, I felt numb, scatterbrained and oddly lost somewhere. And I am not ashamed of admitting it! With time, we realize that negative emotions, bad days and those voids are a part of life and a part of us! Huge S/O to my friend- Rebekah for assisting me through this. So, today I’d like to share my experience in the light of the current crisis,but,it hold true for negative emotions on the whole,with you all in a hope that it can comfort you in any way, shape or form.🙂


You know what? We all hit those troughs! There can be days when you feel low without any reason. Accept them and give those crazy emotions the time to settle. Presently, I can see that social media is exerting a lot of pressure on the masses to be productive. (This can be justified to a certain extent.) But, in this race, let’s not be cruel to ourselves. Please take notice of your mental health and take a break when necessary. It’s an unprecedented, unknown circumstance thrown at us and it’s totally valid to take the time to adjust. Be kind to yourself.🌷


When you have your thoughts sorted, it’s time for planning. As far as I’ve experienced, hard and fast routines don’t work. Start slow and small. What’s essential is that you are working consistently each day, achieving your daily goals and following a certain routine rather than making routines that are too good to be true. 📚💻Don’t get petrified and worked up by the amount of work you have to do, focus on what needs to get done TODAY- HERE & NOW! 👍


Amid all the adverse situations, NEVER LOSE HOPE! No matter how slow, just keep moving forward. Every day, push yourself to become better from your past self. Push your limits.Things will take time to change, but, don’t waste that time by self victimization! Take a break but don’t make it your comfort zone. Remember who you are and what you stand for! Don’t give up on those dreams because of distress.✨


It’s true that you yourself have to make way through hard times. But, a little aid is always advisable. Many governments have issued toll free numbers for psychological help. So, do consider reaching out to yours if required. Plus, it’s always good to share the burden on your heart with others- Parents/ Therapists/Teachers/ Siblings/ Friends/Fellow Bloggers, who can just lend you an ear and comfort you if not help you with professional advice. 😊

Reach out to me: Click here to email me and I’ll answer right away!🙃📧


Let me say this- DESPAIR ISN’T A THING WHEN YOU ARE STILL ALIVE! You may have an optimistic or pessimistic approach, but, I feel that if you are alive, there’s still hope inside your heart. It may be overshadowed by the darkness of negativity and worry, but, its brightness can’t be dimmed. Rediscover that hope for a better future, a great life and a happier you and it’ll glister again! 😇💫

Here’s a list of things you can do to keep yourself calm: ⬇📄

So, this was it for today, you guys! Please share your ways to tackle negative emotions in the comments and tell me how you like today’s post? I’d love to read.💬🤓

Yours truly, 💕

The Ink Warrior.

6 thoughts on “Floating through Despair: Negative Emotions♾

  1. Life has been pretty complicated lately. I tend to make things more complicated in my own head than it really is. At night I stay awake for quite long and keep thinking about so many things and then worries find their path slowly into my head till I drift off to sleep. Crazy times for sure, trying not to get burned out. Reading books has been a saviour for sure.

    Lovely post

    Best wishes from The Strong Traveller and have a great day

    Do have a look at my blog whenever you find the time. There is some travel and lifestyle content which you may find interesting. Your thoughts will surely be very valuable. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. True that. I can totally relate with you. I think reading anxiety relieving quotes help me a ton.
      Thanks for sharing your story and solution.🤓💛

      Sending out more power, positivity and bountiful health to you. The world will get through this, for sure!🌈✨

      Thanks for the appreciation! Your blog is amazing too! 🤩

      Stay safe and blessed!🌷


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