Handlettering With Me!  & Send in your Assumptions. ;)

Today’s post is a rather relaxed and unusual one on Happier You❤. Just so that you know, you can find some little quotes handlettered on some page of every notebook I own.😂 So, come see what I have in store for you! Send in your assumptions about me (the author of Happier You❤) for an upcoming post down in the comments or email me at theinkwarrior123@gmail.com! 💬

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Floating through Despair: Negative Emotions♾

It is no secret that we are all living in crazy times, which unfortunately, makes us more vulnerable to anxiety, despair and pressing thoughts. To be honest, keeping up with the abrupt changes is but a herculean labour.

Come dive into my experience which is probably an identical twin to yours and find answers to nagging questions.🌈✨

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Gratitude, Faith and Oneness: Lessons learnt from Quarantine!+ ZOOM PARTY!💫💛

Amid the suspicions of the Third World War, nature brought us all on the same page. The whole of mankind, is directly or indirectly affected by this crisis, battling against a microscopic invisible enemy.
Hunger, poverty,suffering, disease, death and a will power to live binds us together. It’s far beyond the boundaries of land, religion and race. We are all in it, together!
Hopefully, we will come out of this soon, as a better civilization that learnt the essential lessons!😇

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Imperfect Friendships🌈💜

Friendship is one of the greatest gift of life and today, I’m here to celebrate those imperfect friendships!🎉🧡
Thank you for turning a Life guru for me in the hour of need,😇
And also for telling me to shut up and do my thing.😗
Thank you for all those crazy yet so cute pictures of us,😜
And for those moments, those memories that a camera cannot capture.🌸

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Dreams ✨

One of the amazing we have been given as humans is the unquenchable desire to have dreams of a better life and the ability to establish goals to live out those dreams.

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