Momma Dearest,

You have held me in your womb
for 9 months,
And kept up with all my
crazy stunts.
But there’s more to it than
the biology,
Your umpteen efforts deserve
a book-long eulogy.
You fed me when all I could
do is cry,
You always know what I needed,
without having to pry.

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May you inhale the aroma of memories,
Those long lost yet ever so sweet.
May you get a whiff of the sunny
days ahead,
Even when today seems so dull
and dead.
May you taste all the delicacies
served on this platter called life,
Although you and luck are always
in a strife.

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You’ve been broken down to pieces,And pulled yourself together nonetheless.Your mind has reeled at the amount of things to be dealt with,And gotten stuff done nonetheless.You’ve been overwhelmed to the point of forgetting to breathe,And inhaled hope nonetheless.You’ve feared everybody else’s verdict,And put yourself first nonetheless.You’ve struggled to even wake up some days,And made it […]

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DEAR ANXIETY, //An open letter to my anxiety//

We’ve travelled through life together.Its hard to recollect a time when you didn’t torment me. I’ve disliked social interactions and small talks since forever. Its tough you know, to literally push yourself into doing the simple things others do without even consciously thinking through it.
Its hard when saying two sentences to another human seems like such a herculean task.
When a simple birthday party takes a massive toll on your emotional energy, its exceedingly difficult to move ahead.

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Adieu, Former Friends!💛

Yes, I’m a weird friend, I’d go above and beyondto do my best for you, But never support you inacts against my principles.Yes, I’m a weird friend, I’d spend hours hearingyour concerns, But not spend more thana couple minutes trying todefend myself when you accuse me.Yes, I’m a weird friend,Who’d stand proudly in acrowd defending […]

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