First Snow❄

Of distant dreams, whimsical winters,
And a bottomless longing for the first snow of the season.
I’d feel it brewing in the chilly breeze,
Ears perked up due to the soft rustling of leaves that whisper among themselves.
And eavesdropping wouldn’t seem half bad in that fuzzy state of want.
Maybe I’d look up at the silent sky more than usual-
Squinted brown eyes demanding an answer from the vast canvas, painted in a brilliant hue of blue.

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Feels Good

The caramel of sweet candies sliding on my tongue,
The dense aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting to my nostrils,
And the vision of a knife smoothly slicing through chocolate covered Victoria sponge;
Feel like taking a lick of honey from the glass jar of life.

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Beyond Words

Gazing fondly at the nocturnal skyline,
I spot a constellation of our memories together.
The dead silence seems to speak volumes about things we never said, but were heard nevertheless.
The Summer Sun is the witness of our angry stomping, games of chase and cheery grins.

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There is a determination in her eyes that the incendiary skies bow down to,
A grace in her ways that makes spring flowers bloom.
She was never one to submit,
Forever roaring like the lioness she is.
Stoic like mighty mountains,
Persistent like the scorching summer sun.

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Amore August❤

Fluttering my eyes open,
I was met with a somber white,
Suddenly blinded by the newfound light.
My first reflex was crying out loud,
An assurance of health back then,
Now, a safe outlet of pain.

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Alive Again: Death & Grief

When did the Sun stop burning in all its glory,
Painting the distant skies in warm hues,
Illuminating our vast lands,
Nourishing our flora and fauna,
Just in the fear of the imminent dusk?

When did the rivers stand stagnant?
They painstakingly made their way through cataracts and bends,
Trailing down hills and valleys,
Embracing the green plains and the arid sand,
Resilient as they slowly evaporate into thin air, nearing their end.

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Trouble in Paradise?

The glittering tides rise and dip,
Basking freely in the daylight’s grip.
They skim over the yearning shore before retreat,
As the leaves atop trees sigh in defeat.

Turquoise waters, azure skies, is it?
Is it worth some trouble in paradise?

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Momma Dearest,

You have held me in your womb
for 9 months,
And kept up with all my
crazy stunts.
But there’s more to it than
the biology,
Your umpteen efforts deserve
a book-long eulogy.
You fed me when all I could
do is cry,
You always know what I needed,
without having to pry.

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May you inhale the aroma of memories,
Those long lost yet ever so sweet.
May you get a whiff of the sunny
days ahead,
Even when today seems so dull
and dead.
May you taste all the delicacies
served on this platter called life,
Although you and luck are always
in a strife.

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