Friendship: An Interaction with my best friend💜

How are my peeps? I’m sending out positivity and good vibes to y’all.💫 Today I’m going to share a piece of my heart with you. This is the chunk of a chat of mine with my best friend. She has given her kindly consent to me for sharing this on our blog! Here’s our perspectives about friendship!⬇🧡

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Dear Stranger,

Hey, human? A fellow human being this side. Umm… You might think I don’t know you, but I think I do.I can see you in my eyes andcan feel you in my faults and wins, alike. So, how’s it going with you?Are things getting normal, are you again feeling alive and excited?I’m glad if you […]

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Life happens…

Dedicate yourself to a purpose above self,
Spread hope in despair,
Be kind in a world where it’s very easy to be mean,
Lend an ear to someone’s rants,
A smile to someone’s emptiness,
Touch lives in the most positive way!💜
For life happens faster than you feel.

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Birthday Fun! 🎂🎉🎁

Hola, Joy Squad! I hope all of you are keeping safe and sound while adapting to the “new normal”. Sending out good vibes to everyone! 🤗💛 So, my birthday is on August just passed by a few days ago. For some reason, I was very excited and did end up doing some fun things […]

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A Blog with a little bit of everything Award!

I’m very grateful to my blogger buddy Joy from the Yellow Brick Ave for nominating us for this award. Today, I share with you some facts about me and answer Joy’s questions along with nominating some amazing bloggers for this award! Tag along,pal! 🤩🖐I LOVE TO DO PUBLIC SPEAKING!🗣🎤 I delivered my first speech when I was in 2nd grade(those days though) and have loved doing it ever since.

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Rethink. 🔂

Rethink your judgements,
Can there be abject sadness behind the apparently baseless anger of your friend?
Can the person who appears to be rude be suffering from social anxiety and just trying to avoid conversation?
Is your friend who is ignoring you too afraid to ask for help?
As my friend told me:
A lonely person smiles the most and a sad person shouts the most.

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See you soon…

Hola, Joy Squad! 👋😄 I hope you all are keeping safe and strong.💛 I don’t want to keep you all in the dark. The thing is that it’s becoming difficult for me to juggle between blogging and the other things I am supposed to do. Firstly, I want to make it clear that I am […]

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100 followers special: The Ink Warrior answers your Assumptions!🧐🎉🎊

Starting off, I never thought that I’d love blogging so deeply. Never did I imagine 100+ people being a part of the Happier You❤ family! But, it is reality now… A happy reality!🌈✨Today, you’ll get to know an incognito human(me) a little better!😂 I had asked for assumptions and my blogger friends very kindly sent them in!

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