Adieu, Former Friends!💛

Yes, I’m a weird friend, I’d go above and beyondto do my best for you, But never support you inacts against my principles.Yes, I’m a weird friend, I’d spend hours hearingyour concerns, But not spend more thana couple minutes trying todefend myself when you accuse me.Yes, I’m a weird friend,Who’d stand proudly in acrowd defending […]

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It takes courage 💫

IT TAKES COURAGETo be rooted in principles, To not do “cool” things because they violate those values, To stand up against the wrongs and the evil-doers, Even when you have to stand alone.To look around just to find noise that repels, To look inside and to discover an absurd silence. To not compromise on the […]

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What’s up? Let’s chat!

Hola, Joy Squad! 👋😄 I’m feeling very out of thoughts at the moment. I know it’s been a while since I wrote a legit Happier You like post. What’s up, people? Send in some perspective / suggestions/ random chat/ Hello😂 in the comments! Let’s chat! (Might just end up binning this later on.🤫🙈) Yours truly, […]

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My Favorite Quotes🌻✒

Hello, amazing people!🙂👋 The Ink Warrior from Happier You❤ this side. I hope you all are doing well and keeping safe. 🙃 In case you didn’t know, I absolutely love reading and writing quotes! And, why won’t I? They are phrases/ sentences that sometimes speak even more than essays! You can call me A quotes […]

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