PERPLEXED: Hatred, Anger and Forgiveness. 💜❤💛

Life is a constant cycle of expecting and being disappointed, building people’s expectations and disappointing them,in this vicious cycle🔃 lets find the eternity of kindness and peace by learning about the perplexed emotions of humans🖤 ♾

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Help Me!   #CandidConvo

Hey, all intellectual beings!👋 Unlike always, I ain’t the dramatic guru today😂😋 Today I’m here to seek some help from y’all. So, up for some chit chat? 🤓🤭 So, obviously, I ain’t a perfect sociopath,but,know what? It’s weird to be standing at the extremity of being an awkward introvert. Picking up conversations is almost impossible […]

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Heya, you amazing people! 👋 Lately, I realized that this year has been about “introspection“, about peeping inside myself. Then obviously I had to figure out why these days we’re all so upset, discontented and zoned out.!? Here’s where today’s blog comes from. Read on 🔛 ⬇ Heck! She got straight As and I’m stumbling […]


Teen Anxiety

Hola, Readers! So, as the title reads, we are going to be speaking about a really sensitive issue this time and honestly I was quite hesitant to write on this for a while… But, things are best addressed, right? So, since its teen anxieties, what can get better than teens themselves speaking their hearts out? […]

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Fighting Failures 💪

In the battle of life, Choose to be the warrior not the victim! {Yupp! Here I am again super duper late(am so sorry people😢) with a little bit of an experience to share with you all dear readers 🙂 My birthday went down quite well and was pretty much me-mad, simple, somber and wisdom filled […]

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