There is an unsettling thunder in her gait,
An outright mockery in her smirk;
Her half-closed eyes speak of a defiance
That cannot be defeated.
She pinches pain in those
Tight-lipped smiles of hers,
And burns all hate in her retinas.

What weapons could ever destroy her?
She is the war herself.
Armed with a silent endurance,
Clutched close to her bosom.

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And when I feel stuck in the doldrums of life,
When nothing seems to move anymore,
When I slip down the dark abyss of nothingness,
And my eyes simply don’t wish to search for the light anymore,
I take a breath.
I breathe in the air
That is moist with the tears of poets,
Ringing with the pain of musicians,
Whispering in my ears, the beautiful stories of many unpublished writers,

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The valley abounds in roses and tulips,
But I’m partial to those
That peek out of rugged rocks,
Showering in torrential rainfall,
You clap with the rumbles of thunder,
The montane breeze murmurs in your ears,
And you’re all but tickled by heatwaves.

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Too Young

Clouds, delicate and feathery,
Dancing in the sky
To the beat of the winds;
Too wild to stop here,
Too young to know
Where to go next.

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Live for the flowers you haven’t seen in full bloom,
For the constellations you aren’t friends with,
For the dance of the Northern Lights on the skyline you haven’t been audience to.
Live for the cats you haven’t cuddled with,
For the dogs whose noses who are yet to boop,
For the birds you haven’t chortled along with.

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Finding Myself

Scorched by the Sun,
Scratched by the thorns,
I walk through streets and woods alike
In a desperate pursuit.
Melting into a puddle of tears,
Freezing in the hold of a frigid numbness.
A lone wolf out for hunt,
Or perhaps just a helpless pup roaming in the city , barely alive.

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Loving You

This and that are things,
And you are not.
You are the reason, the protagonist, the very center of this saga.
It’s for the Moon to wax and wane,
For the tides to rise and fall,
For you to love yourself
Even when it gets hard,
Even when it is blue.

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Bestowed with a quiet endurance,
Armed with a stubborn will to be and to do,
You are fierce even when your heart is up in the flames
All former plans burnt down to ashes,
Did you steal your spirit from the Sun, little Phoenix?

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